Reaching Higher Heights


Adolescence is an extremely challenging and chaotic period of time. I am a witness to this, since I once was a teenager myself. I may not be where you are now, but I once was a confused, moody, curious teen. My main objective in writing this book is to provide you with a set of strategies that will hopefully encourage and motivate you to strive for and achieve a heightened level of success in both school and work. 
Always remember that no dream is out of reach. Education is the key that will unlock any door you choose to walk through.
 I believe in you! But it is up to you to map out your goals, develop a strategy to achieve them and then forge ahead with as much effort, sacrificing and self-confidence as is needed to be the best you can be.
Most importantly, don’t allow any negative forces to block your path. Whenever you begin to feel like quitting, remember these words spoken by Michael Jordan, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”   
 Dress for Success
With the changing times and fashions, some things should not change.
We should never change our values and morals based on what the world or others have decided we should do. You do not need validation or confirmation from anyone.
We need to always remember who we are, no matter what everyone else is doing or saying. Just remember you are an individual, with your own self-esteem.
So with all of that said, when you go for an interview, dress for success. Because when the opportunity arrives, you will be representing yourself and no one else.
Remember the company you are applying for will look at you as one who will represent their company and they want to be represented well. So be very careful as to how you represent and carry yourself.
There is an old saying that holds true today: “First impressions are lasting impressions.” Therefore, if you start dressing with that in mind now, it will become a natural part of your dress and self-esteem.
Your self-worth is based on more than just your outward appearance. Your morals and values will be seen through the eyes of others by the way you carry yourself and that tends to coincide with the way you dress.
It is also important to maintain a nice, polite attitude, along with a well-rounded vocabulary and some knowledge of the company you are applying to with hopes of starting a career.
Allow yourself to learn something about the company you wish to work for. That way you will have some input into the interview conversation.
Life tends to respond to our outlook, so you need to shape your life to meet the expectations. Do not join easy crowds, because you will not grow. Allow yourself to go in a direction where the demands are high and your performances are even higher.
Tips for Successful Interview Attire
·        Do not wear tight clothing.
·        Make sure clothes fit properly.
·        Wear a color that suits your skin complexion.  Dark blue and black are still great interviewing colors.
·        Refrain from being too stylistic.  You can do that on your own time.
·        Females should wear a jacket and skirt or a suit.  A dress is fine, too.  No cleavage should show and the dress or skirt should be either at the knee or below.
·        Males should wear a white shirt and dark slacks. However, as long as the shirt is wrinkle free and has sleeves that is fine. A neck tie would be impressive, but people understand if a teenager comes to an interview without one.