What will your Legacy be?

This is a thought that has been placed within my heart for a good reason. As I think about this topic, I did some research on Legacy. Webster defines Legacy as "something that has been passed on from an ancestor or predecessor".

Now I can focus on what it is I am doing to leave a memory on the hearts and minds of others.

This a strong question to think about. It helps to put our mind on things we need to think about as we consider, "What will my legacy be?"

I want to leave a strong mark on the heart of others. I want to know that my life will go within the hearts and minds of others.

When we come to that special day in our lives, what will be said about us? Will our lives speak for itself?

Just a thought to think on!

What did you do on today to help someone?
Did you say a kind word to anyone or even just a smile?
Jesus said "I was hungry and you feed me not".

Even though, Jesus is our Lord and Savior, our Alpha and Omega, "He said do good to others and love your neighbors and your enemies as yourself."

Then our lives will speak for itself when that special day comes.

What Will Your Legacy Be?